About EBS

Eco Building Specialists are committed to building green and believe in the entire process of meeting the minimum requirements for energy efficiency. April 22 is Earth Day. It is one day where we come together to think about the health of our planet and what we can do to make it greener.  As more home builders recognize the need to be green for the sake of future generations — and see the cost benefits that have increased over the past several years — companies are taking the idea of Earth Day and applying it to the everyday, by expanding their use of sustainable materials and conserving our natural resources.

Home builders and their clients are helping to keep our planet green by building green and investing in recycling programs, creating green initiatives to engage their customers and setting long-term sustainability goals.

Eco Building Specialists are available to discuss all of the possibilities and opportunities available today.  We are committed to share and work together with every aspect of the sole method of energy efficiency compliance for the Built Green Program.


  • What better way to construct a home or building than with an environmentally friendly material that is energy efficient, fire resistant and maintenance free.
  • Concrete logs are not vulnerable to fire, bugs, mold or decay, and won’t shrink or twist like real logs can.
  • The composite material also creates an airtight seal, dramatically improving the building’s energy efficiency.

Our Mission Statement

To offer our Customers a worry free building experience while providing the highest level of quality.  We will always be mindful of the environment and the reduction of waste.  Our goal will be to deliver the greatest value and as economically as possible.

We respect and value your time and we also understand that you have a choice in the builder and materials for your project.  When you place your trust in us, it will be important for you to know that we promise to uphold the highest level of ethics as we perform our services.